trying to remove echo....o...o...o...

I want to remove the echo from a speech. I am not professional but tried changing some parameters. However I had no success.
Can someone help me with this sample?

Probably not. Echoes are rough to remove because it’s usually the performer’s own voice coming back to the microphone multiple times. So you are in effect asking the software to remove the performer from himself.

There isn’t enough in the sample to tell what’s happening. Are you after removing the second “ha,” or the echoy room behind it all. There isn’t enough to tell what’s going on.

What is the performance? Who is speaking and how?


Here is a longer sample. It is not english though but you can hear the echo

Oh, cool. Is that a prayer chant? It sounds like an enormous stadium or city square. Do you have pictures?

I’m dancing around telling you the echoes are permanent. I know of no way to remove echoes, and your echoes are the worst I’ve ever heard. The performance area is very live -live -live -live. Clap your hands and come back in two weeks and the sound will still be bouncing around. That’s why I wouldn’t mind seeing what that area looks like.

I’ve only seen areas like that jammed with people and people are good at absorbing sound so it doesn’t echo. How far away were you? 5KM?


It sounds to me like the call to prayer that you get in Muslim countries where the Muezzin’s call is relayed from usually multiple speakers set at right angles at the top of a tower.

But I agree with Koz - now way to remove those echoes, no way …


To be honest, the voice has been converted from a cassette to mp3 by someone and the cassette goes back to 35 years ago. But I am pretty sure that the speech was inside a mosque let’s say 20m20m10m.

Anyway thanks… There are some more samples with other features that I will try to get help.