Trying to record What I Hear and my Mic

I’m trying to record a YouTube commentary with two friends. One of them uses Audacity and has no problem recording what he hears and his own voice through his mic. I’m trying to do the same, but so far I have only been able to record one or the other, using Microphone as the recording tool for my voice, and Stereo mix for theirs. I need both these devices in the same recording, or be able to record them over each other.

Does anybody know a solution to this? or if it’s possible? Thanks!

Some sound cards allow the microphone to ‘play’ through the speakers. If the microphone ‘plays’ through the sound card along with other sounds, then “stereo mix” will record it along with all other sounds that are playing. Other sound cards do not allow the microphone to play through the speakers, and some don’t even have “stereo mix”.

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Soo… Is there something I can check or alter to what I want?

Recording one single real device like a microphone is how Windows comes out of the factory. If you can do that, your computer is normal. Stereo-Mix is an accidental service that allows recording multiple sound sources and more importantly, internet audio.

If you’re missing Stereo Mix, or the ability to play more than one thing, then you can’t do a live, mixed recording. Copy the settings of your friend. If you’re missing some of the settings, then that’s the ball game.

You should look into the possibility of your friend doing the mix and then sending you the exported sound file.

All these are Windows problems. Audacity will do whatever Windows tells it to.


If your friend is on one of the earlier version of Windows, then we’re not shocked that he/she can get this to work and you can’t. WinXP (and even Win2K) would do multiple mixing like this with no trouble.

The problem is most people couldn’t handle the complexity of multiple convoluted mixer panels and it caused so much trouble with business computers that Windows has been paring it back and eliminating some of the tools.


I am also trying to record both my mic and speakers at the same time.

I have Windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.2 and I do have Windows Stereo Mix enabled.

As is the case with the OP, I can get Audacity to record either the mic or the speakers, but not both. I’ve tried different combinations of the Audacity settings, but with Interface Host, Playback Device, Recording Device and Channels all as choices, I may not have hit on the proper combination of settings.

Since I do have Windows Stereo Mix, is it possible to record both the mic and speakers at once?


is it possible to record both the mic and speakers at once?

Not with plain Windows and Audacity, no.

We set up a machine to record all the voices in a conference and we did it with a separate, non-speaking machine connected to the network. In that case, all the valuable voices were coming in over the same connection and it was a simple matter to record that single connection.

You have two completely separate connections and that’s been engineered out of modern Windows. Audacity has nothing to do with it and Stereo Mix will not help you. Your local voice is not “playing on the computer.”

Google/Bing for gaming software that will record all the voices and effects in a game.


For one example, Pamela for Skype/Windows will record both sides of a Skype conversation clearly and on separate tracks. Koz