Trying to record voice and streaming audio at the same time

Hi, i just got a microphone for my son from amazon and we have it hooked to the computer. I have figured out how to record streaming audio. But i want to be able to play the karaoke version of a song on YouTube while recording my son singing in to the microphone. Can i do this with one step in Audacity or am i required to record the streaming audio and then record his voice separately? Here is the microphone i have hooked up and we are using a headset plugged into the usb so he can hear the music while he sings into the microphone. I’m a newbie to this stuff, any guidance would be greatly appreciated thanks!

The latter. Record the backing track first, then “overdub” the live vocal.

Information about overdub recording here: Tutorial - Recording Multi-track Overdubs - Audacity Manual

Note that for correct synchronization of the tracks, you will probably need to adjust the “Latency compensation”. See: Latency Test - Audacity Manual

How did you connect that to the computer? It looks like a terrific microphone, but won’t directly plug into a soundcard.

That little exercise will give you “Simple Overdubbing” where you don’t hear yourself during the live performance. You get the final mix after you get done and play back the combination.

“Perfect Overdubbing” will depend on the answer to that first question.


It looks the business, (and only $40), but …