trying to record TO usb cassette player

thanks fro any help getting me started with this :slight_smile:

I have no experience with these things, but is it possible there might be a clue in the name of the device - cassette player?

ok TO cassette we get, What type of equipment do you have?, what are you recording from?

If these questions were being addressed to me, I don’t do recording in the computer. A computer was never designed to be a device for recording weak analogue signals. I do all my recording using a Zoom H4 digital sound recorder.

Sorry PGA but these questions were addressed to 118118. who wants to record to a cassette

I assume you are recording FROM your computer? Your computer’s headphone or line-output can be connected to the cassette recorder’s line-input. You’ll need to get the proper cable/adapter to match the connections on both ends.

If your cassette recorder only has a microphone input, the line-out signal is too high but you can get a special attenuator adapter/cable.

Most likely you CANNOT send digital audio INTO the recorder via USB.