Trying to record separate tracks with 2 mics

I have an Alesis MultiMix 8 board and two AT2020 mics. I am trying to get it so Audacity will show a separate track for each mic. Right now they both show up on one track so I can’t isolate audio from one mic versus the other.



Pan one mic all the way to the left and the other to the right with the multimix.
Set Audacity to record “2 channel (stereo)” in the Device Toolbar.
When the recording is completed, press the Stop button, then split the stereo track into 2 mono tracks as described here:

It’s close but not quite right. When I record a new track it only captures the left-panned mic. When I click the arrow on the track to show options, it has Left Channel checked but the other options are grayed out. Is there a default setting for that?

Have you set Audacity to record “2 channel (stereo)” in the Device Toolbar?
You may also need to set Windows to record 2 channels (stereo) in the Windows Sound Control Panel.

That did it! It was a Windows setting. Thanks!!!