Trying to record, cursor stays at 0

Hi, i am running Audacity 2.0.5 on OS X Mountain Lion with an M-Audio Fast Track Pro.

Sometimes I go to record, and it won’t let me, it creates a new window but then the cursor just stays at 0, blinking. Usually if I just close audacity, turn the interface off, then back on, and relaunch Audacity, it will typically work, but today it will not record at all no matter what I do. I just used it last night and it gave me no issues at all. I did launch Ableton between then and now, but wasn’t even using it thorough the interface, just the onboard output, and then I closed it to do some basic recordings into Audacity to sample later leading me to where I am now.

Can anyone shed some light as to what is going on, or even possibly a solution? Thank you.

It does that when the data stream stops or becomes damaged for some reason.

M-Audio Fast Track Pro, also known as the Avid M-Audio Fast Track Pro works best when it’s married to an Avid editing system. If you don’t happen to have a multi-thousand dollar Avid, you should make sure you have the latest drivers and interface software. The Fast-Track is not a generic use, plug-it-in-anywhere audio interface.

The latest Audacity is 2.1.1.


Sometimes you may need to restart the Mac too.


The Fast Track family is still an Avid product, it hasn’t been sold to M-Audio. For driver support you need to look here:

However, if you have a Core2 Duo Mac with 10.9 (Mavericks) or later, you’re out of luck:

There’s no support for these Macs from Avid.