Trying to record audio in Audacity

Hello noob here, hoping you guys can help me out here.

I’m trying to record streaming/real time audio from my mixer to the PC (via the soundcard). The issue I’m having is that Audacity only seems to acknowledge the front mic inputs in the sound input options in preference menu, I want to be able to use the rear line inputs for recording.

The options I’m given are Host: MME or Windows directsound, Recording: M/s sound input mapper, microphone (saffire audio)

Here is the equipment/software I’m using

Windows 7 64 bit ultimate with Audacity ® 1.3.12-beta
Soundcard: Focusrite saffire Pro 24 DSP
Mixer: Pioneer DJM 800 & CD players.

Audacity is a complete slave to what Windows is doing. You need to set your preferences in the Windows Control Panels first, then launch Audacity and set its preferences. Not the other way around.

Windows Control Panel


Hi Koz

I did try that, all that comes up on my recording tab is microphone (saffire audio) default device. I have show disabled & show disconnected devices enabled too.

So no option to record from any other input i.e. line or SPDIF for example, it’s a bit annoying as FL studio sees every input on my saffire but I don’t want have to use a combination of programs to record a mix.

Any other suggestions?

Make sure the “line-in” option is enabled in windows recording devices, select it [line in] as the default recording device , then restart Audacity.

Right-click once again over the input device you want to record with, and choose “Set as Default Device”

Also see … Windows help & learning
( there is a “listen to this device” tab/tick box on Windows-7, I’m on Vista which doesn’t have it )