Trying to playback without recording

Hello everyone,
I’m very new to this and not very technically intelligent.
I’m using Windows 10 on my PC and have bought a USB audio cassette player to play some old family recordings on audio tapes into the PC through Audacity to convert them to MP3 files.

I’ve worked out how to make recordings and export the file in MP3 format to the Music album on my PC, so that’s all good.

But the little tape player has no speaker so the only way I can hear the sound is through the PC speakers when I’m recording.

Is there any way of being able to play a tape and listen to it without recording? If I just press play on the tape device there’s no sound on the PC. I can’t find any setting that will allow this. I want to listen to some tapes sometimes before I start recording, because there are bits I won’t want. Or just to discover what is on the tape (where we didn’t make a note).

I would be grateful for any advice. Apologies if this is a stoopid simple question, but I’m stuck at present.

Click in the Recording Meter to turn on monitoring


Found it - many thanks.
Problem solved.