Trying to match processing EQ

Hi all! First time poster here. I am editing voiceover files for a video game project. Usually I have an audio person that helps with the processing, but he’s had to take a bunch of time off for personal reasons and I really don’t want to push him. Before I start shopping for another audio person, I thought I’d have a go at matching his processing myself.

This is the processed version that my audio guy did: dot wav

This is my attempt at matching it: dot wav

(putting “dot wav” because this forum thinks of it as “embedded media” and that’s not allowed. I also tried including the original unprocessed version but I’m not allowed to include three links in one post! Sorry for circumventing the rules!)

To make my version, all I did was take the original file, compress it, add a treble and bass boost, and then normalize it. There’s still a plosive that’s audible in my version, but I’m mostly OK with that. Overall, does my version mostly pass? If not, any tips on how to more closely match the original processing?

Any light-shedding is appreciated!


Pale green is where you need to boost …

1kHz +3db
2kHz +6db
4kHz +9db

Thanks! Unsure how to do that, but it’s a good place to start learning. Appreciate the help!

You have thumping breath sounds missing from the clean version.
Pi Sycamore

Select the track > Effect > Filter Curve Eq > Manage > Factory Presets > Low Rolloff for Speech > OK.

This was designed after a broadcast filter that engineers use to record outside with wind.


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