Trying to make myself sound like Deathwing

I recall looking at an earlier topic about how to sound like Deathwing from World of Warcraft. But it was outdated and there’s a new effect to Deathwing.

This is the actual Deathwing voice used in Patch 4.3. Be warned, for there are spoilers for those who don’t play WoW or haven’t checked out the Dragon Soul.

Try playing with a combination of Echo, Reverb (GVerb), and Change Pitch effects.
You will probably need to make multiple copies of the voice track, then apply different amounts of each effect to the tracks and adjust the levels so that the mix is not too loud (use the volume sliders on the left end of the track).

The Deathwing voice does have a pitch shift down with each echo,
and I was about to suggest Audacity’s “Delay” effect which has that option.

However I’ve just tried it and when a pitch shift is applied the delay time accumulates, example attached …

I just tried it and it sounds almost like Deathwing itself and it works much better. But since my voice is alot different from the actor who portrayed Deathwing, my take will sound alot different than the actor’s himself.