Trying to highlight audio

I am by no means an expert…actually this is all new to me. I have a file I am trying to reduce background noise, mainly from the microphone, and enhance the audio of a loud male voice, and a soft female voice. I have tried a few things in Audacity, but since many of these terms don’t mean much to me - I would like to know how I can work on this. What is the best way to reduce background noise and enhance the audio?

Thank you,

Right at the top you should start thinking about what would happen if we can’t. It’s popular to think Audacity can rescue any performance, but if the show is far enough into the mud, a reshoot may be the only option.

The goal is important, too. Do you want to produce a theatrical podcast, or just loud and clear enough to type out the words?

Is it a mono performance (one single blue wave)? Drag-select about a ten to fifteen second portion of the show featuring both male and female voices and File > Export Selected: WAV (Microsoft). Post it here. Scroll down from a forum text window and Upload Attachment.

The forum will complain if the selection is too long or the wrong type, so you can’t break anything.