trying to export my cut version of a song track

I have opened the track I want to edit-I am a tap dancer and am trying to take a section of a track, cut it, export it, then bring it back in to add another portion of a track I have not yet cut. It exports not the cut length (the grayed out portion) but the entire track. What am I doing wrong. Thanks! Gary

File > Export Selection.


What type of file should I chose- WAV or MP3?

Still exporting the whole track, not the selected portion or grayed out portion where I want it to end.

Finally got the cut portion of the track saved to a wav and an mp3 file. So now if I want to take this edited piece and bring it back in to add another track on to it, do I need to make a file of the next section that I want to add from another track? Thanks!

Why is this so hard? I cannot figure out how to simply make a new track using sections of two different tracks. Can anybody walk me through this please? Thanks!

Why is this so hard?

Because you don’t have the feel for the tools yet.

You can create a new track out of segments of older tracks without Exporting or Saving. But if you do, use WAV (Microsoft)… until the final show. WAV doesn’t create sound damage like MP3 does.

Import your original songs and they will appear one above the other and play at the same time. Use the MUTE and SOLO buttons to the left to steer what you listen to.

Create a blank track:
Tracks > Add New: Stereo Track.

Now copy and paste from the songs into your blank track.

You’ll probably need the zoom tools. There’s a bunch, but I only use three. Drag-select a segment and zoom into it with Control-E. Zoom out a little bit with Control-3 and Zoom out to the whole show with Control-F.

Other zoom tools are available.

I like to turn off automatic screen shifting because it makes me crazy.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Tracks > [_] Update Display… (deselect)

You can turn that back on for live recording.

Does Export Selection still come and go for you? That’s concerning. It should work all the time.


I have the two tracks or songs combined into one track now with the first song cut to the right place. I then have the entire second track or song but can’t figure out how to cut out the section from 1:59.7 to ~2:33. When I figure this out and delete that section, I think I am good and can export the final track. I do so appreciate your help. I am still having trouble using the tools and did not really understand how using the zoom helps edit. Thanks very much. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Gary Banta

Take your computer mouse, click at “1:59.7” and drag a selection to where you want at “2:33”. Then press Delete on your computer keyboard.

If you are zoomed in you can select the area with the mouse (as above) much more accurately.