Trying to export "merged" project

Hi, I’m very new to Audacity.

I have a school project, which I used Audacity for. Basically, I had one file with one recording (of me playing the piano), and had another one of me and my project partner singing. So I
combined those two files onto one file by drag and dropping, and did my necessary edits. Then, when I tried to export the thing, no matter what mode I tried to save it in, it kept saying that it would be
mixed down to two separate stereos or something like that. And when I did just export it and clicked on it in my file explorer, it just brought up only one file (of the singing) in something called “Groove Music” on my computer.

How do I export it so that it’s just one file that I can also be able to add to Windows Movie Maker?
Prompt replies would be appreciated; this project is due very soon.


What exactly did it say?

It said “Your tracks will be mixed down to two stereo channels in the exported file.”

“Two stereo channels” is just ordinary stereo. The message is telling you that the tracks in your project will be combined (mixed down) to create a single stereo file (which is what you want).

Yes, but when I click on the exported file later, it just plays only one of the recordings that was made, not both of them combined (they were dragged and dropped together like I said above)

Can you post a screenshot of your Audacity project so that we can see what you are doing.

I know this isnt a screenshot- my mom had to take a picture of my screen because i am not home.

That should work OK.
Ensure that you use “Export Audio” (or “Export as WAV” / “Export as MP3” / “Export as Ogg”) and not “Export Selected Audio” or “Export Multiple”.
Also, ensure that you give the exported file a new and unique name (don’t overwrite the original files).

Note that the first 15 seconds of the exported file will be the first track only, and after that, the second track will be largely masked by the first track until you get to the loud bit in the second track at around 1 minute.

I have played it and listened closely, but it only plays first recording. I will try again once i get home latet