Trying to export 22 tracks for continuous play

Low tech person here. I’ve recorded a conversation (using an ezcap 231 gizmo) which produced 22 files called FV001L to FV022L and loaded them into Audacity. All I want to do is export them to a CD/USB and have all tracks playback continuously. I did a Select All and Exported them to a USB which produced a file of 25,000kb, but when I play it, only the first track plays. How do I get a continuous play? Many thanks.

Bummer… I found this on the ezcap website:

Converts full tape music to MP3 files by automatic partition each songs.

Apparently every break in the conversation is treated as a different “song”.

You’ll need to import all 22 tracks if you don’t have them open already.

Then use the [u]Time Shift Tool[/u] to shift the tracks to the right as appropriate. You’ll probably have to scroll right and maybe change the zoom level to see what you’re doing.

When you export they should be “chained together” as one file.

If you open them all it might stack them one over the other in order.
Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 19.05.15.png
If it does. Select > All.
Tracks > Align Tracks End to End.
Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 19.05.55.png
Export the show into a sound file of your choice. WAV is good, MP3 works if you have the Lame software installed.

Audacity will smash them all together into one long show when you export.

If the order is wrong, then you’re stuck importing all the tracks one at a time in the order you want.


If the export comes out ratty, then you will need the Time Shift Tool technique above. You’ll be there for a while. Get coffee.

I have a Personal Recorder that saves WAV files very nicely. I bought what I thought was a second one and it insisted in chopping up the work into tiny bits. Who would want that?


Many thanks, Koz.
I found a YouTube about combining audio tracks using Control X and Control V. Worked like a charm. Thanks again.