Trying to even out volume in recording with multiple speakers

[2.3.3, Windows 10.0.17763 Build 17763 (x64-based)] Hello. I recorded a podcast with three other people and was editing it when I ran into a problem, my voice was significantly louder than the other three. I’m trying to make all our voices a similar volume either by making my voice quieter, the others’ louder. Is there a tool I could use to do this? I tried using normalization, but the volume is still unbalanced. Thank you in advance

There is a "Level Speech " Plugin you can try.


You should shoot for no effects or corrections in a live performance. If you don’t get there, you will be applying corrections forever. Constant correction is a time waster plus the possibility of posting errors.

How did you record the people? Live around the kitchen table?


Thank you very much, this helped massively