Trying To Edit Clips Taken from a Larger File??!!!

Hi there- I’ve run into a rather unique (read: frustrating) problem with editing a 2-minute music clip. It was taken from a MUCH larger recording my band made one night, of over 4 GB (about 2 hours in length). WAV format.

I can isolate (clip out) songs from the session into their own respective files, but because they’re so compressed (not sure that’s the term that applies to the problem, exactly) I can’t apply fade in/out, nor access smaller parts of the song to edit out. The graphic shows the clip as being about an inch wide, and I simply can’t align the cursors with any accuracy to accomplish what I want to do.

Is there a way to expand the file, so I can have a wider visual template to allow more accurate editing?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Version 2.10

The Zoom tools might be handy. I use three.

Control-F Zoom Full. fill the screen with your current show.
Control-E Drag-select some portion of the show and zoom into it.
Control-3 Zoom out a little bit.

There are many more.

It’s also handy for me to stop the screen from Auto Scrolling.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Tracks > [_]Update… (de-select)

You probably want to turn that back on for recording.


As an alternative to zooming you can enter the times of selections or the editing cursor in Selection Toolbar.

Hopefully you meant 2.1.0 with the extra dot. :wink:


2.10 is a bogus version of Audacity. You can get The Real Thing from here.