trying to dowload libraries

I am trying to download and compile libraries so the I can actually use audacity.

I am able to dowload and install but then it still doesn’t work. Im not sure if Im downloaded wrong files or what…. I just want to be able to edit the audio I record with voice recorder pro.

It has been a while since I have edited audio so the tools are different. I am happy to use a paid version of audacity but I don’t see anything available anywhere. I use to edit with Cooledit back in the day.

Please advise.

Don’t buy Audacity. Audacity is free software.

You don’t need to download or compile libraries to use Audacity. Just download the DMG file and follow the installation instructions:

Is the problem that you have read you may need extra libraries to export your Audacity work to specific formats?

If so, the only libraries you may need are

  • LAME ( Audacity Manual ) if you want to export your edit as an MP3 file, or
  • FFmpeg ( Audacity Manual ) if you want to export to M4A or to a few other formats like WMA that Audacity as shipped cannot export to.