Trying to do a "play from position on click" and sets clip boundaries instead.

Audacity 64 bit 3.1.1 Windows 10.

Firstly, thank you to the developers for this awesome program. I spent typically an hour a day using it to record and edit speech.
I like the recent change to pack the files into a single file. The previous method of having multiple snippets in individual files didn’t always
play nice with my home network.

However, the new feature of setting a looping region using the ruler with the time scale on it has disrupted my normal workflow.
I do a fair bit of editing speech. I set a cursor at a repeat and then click on the time scale to find the start of the speech the repeat is correcting
(i.e. without moving the cursor).

With the new loop start/end setting, it can take me several goes to get it to play from the time ruler. Instead, it sets a loop area start/end.
I suspect the difference is the movement of the mouse while the click is held. But I am trying to keep the mouse still. Perhaps people younger
than I will be more successful doing that (I’m 65 with the usual impairments of age).

Can we have an option to disable the setting of loop start/end when clicking on the time ruler? (I already tried disabling everything in preferences,
and it made no difference).