Trying to boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode Problem?

Whenever I start Windows, a black screen comes up and I can’t do anything other than shutting down my PC. I tried starting Safe Mode from the Boot option directly after the computer started but it looked really confusing and I didn’t see anything with Safe Mode written on it. I selected the first one and the screen went black again. After shutting down, it said “disk read error occurred” or something liked that. It told to to restart pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL. The screen went black again and then after a long time, the screen for the automatic repair loading screen started loading. After that, nothing happened. What do I do? I just want to use my computer!

Is there an Audacity question in there? You have the symptoms of a hard drive failure. You should take your machine to a computer professional.


Spinning pinwheel Windows wait cursor

Doesn’t windows have the animated hourglass?

Apple has the Spinning Beach Ball of Death.


Just a flashing cursor on the Black Screen of Death …