Truncated files

After recording a few partials for my audition, I went back to review them the next day and found a few had part of the ends cut off.
Could slicing have anything to do with it? I was sure the whole piece had been saved as one.
Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?


recording a few partials for my audition

What does that mean? Did you make several individual tracks one above the other and then save an Audacity Project? Did you keep pressing Pause and then announce one after the other? Did you save a Project instead of a WAV or MP3?

Which numbered version of Audacity do you have?

We have to build your show in our heads to solve problems, so if you leave parts out we get lost.

Oh, and you don’t need the red text. We will find you.


I solved this. The darker vertical lines in the waveform were stopping the ‘selection’ of the file at that point.
Live & learn.
Still it’s great having you guys as backup.