Truncate silence.

Truncate silence. The way I understand the word truncate, and the way it seems to behave from briefly playing with it, truncate means delete some of the silence. **** hell. Surely the issue here is gobsmackingly obviously before I even type it. We don’t want to truncate this silence, we want to DELETE IT ****.

Cheers, thanks. Why do we have to type this stonkingly obvious ****?

definition: to shorten by cutting off a part; cut short

I’ve no idea why you felt compelled to post that :confused:

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Truncate Silence (in version 2.0.5) never actually deletes the entire silence it detects, because it is limited to truncating silence to 1 millisecond. That limitation will be removed in the next 2.0.6 version of Audacity, but nonetheless it isn’t simply a “delete silence” feature because it has the option of shortening (but not removing) the detected silence.