Truncate Silence not working

I selected a section which had 1-5 sec gaps between music. I used Effect/Truncate Silence/30,1,1,-40 - the gaps were still there. Does this feature work? I read the manual but was still unable to remove the gaps.

Yes the feature does work.
Perhaps the gaps have a background noise level above -40 dB? Try setting the “Threshold for Silence” to, say -20 dB and see what happens.

Thanks Steve. It works.

Steve what happened to my recording issue. I sent you 2 samples. Did you get a chance to hear them?

Do you mean this topic?

Yes. Still cannot find the solution getting a good recording on my laptop.

Then don’t. Download the YouTube video instead :wink:

Or ask your computer manufacturer for a new USB sound card.

Or try something like . Actually, the lack of an EQ on the built-in sound card would be very good reason for insisting on a replacement.