Truncate silence filter with cutlist output

Is there a nyquist plugin that does what truncate silence filter does but also outputs a cutlist to be used with ffmpeg and a video?


ffmpeg -ss hh:mm:ss -i "dummyfile.mp4" -t hh:mm:ss "dummyoutput1.mp4"
ffmpeg -ss hh:mm:ss -i "dummyfile.mp4" -t hh:mm:ss "dummyoutput2.mp4"
ffmpeg -i "concat:dummyoutput1.mp4|dummyoutput2.mp4|..." -c copy output.mp4

Not that I know of, but why not just use Truncate Silence and then export from Audacity?

You can get a list of start/end times for audio above a specified threshold level by running “Sound Finder” (, which creates labels for the detected sounds, and then export the label track as a text file (