Truncate Silence and Video

Sorry if this is off topic, but I do not really know where else to post this…

I love the Truncate Silence tool… This is extremely good for making tutorials, as you can speak naturally, take time to think and the truncate silence will remove these pauses and the flow of your speaking sounds like it is smooth and continual. Now I can load video directly into Audacity, can you export video in anyway?

The question is… is there some kind of function in audacity or a 3rd party app… or just anyway to… load a video stream and run a function like Truncate Silence, but not only have it cut the wave file, but also cut the video file at the same time?

At the moment I spend most of my time after the recording zoomed into the video in adobe using the cut tool to trim out these pauses… if there was a truncate silence type effect that also cut the video AND the audio, this increase my productivity a million fold.

Thanks in advance

Audacity is an audio editor and it simply does not support video.

I think you’ll have to continue to edit manually with your video editor.

The pros have ways of keeping the audio & video synched with embedded time-codes, but I’ve always edited the audio & video together in the video editor first, and if I edit the audio separately I’m careful to do any cuts/splices in a way that does not affect the overall timing or duration of the audio. So, I guess you would say I’m mostly “processing” the audio (effects, noise reduction, or whatever), but I’m usually not truly “editing” the audio separately.