Troubly With VST Plugins

Search turned up nothing helpful, so here goes. Short version: I want to add drum patterns to tracks, and tried using two plugins that seemed great (Pianovintage 707 and Easy Drum 04 SE909 but after multiple attempts and making sure I was following all steps properly–putting the downloads in the proper Audacity folder, rescanning, etc. No result. Any input as to some way I can make these work, anything I may be doing wrong, etc? Or lol even if you can just point me toward some way to get a tr-909 style sound to work with Audacity? Thank you!

Those are VSTi (VST Instruments). Audacity currently only supports VST effects and not VST instruments.

I’ve not tried it, but I recently had this free VST host recommended to me:
You will find other free VST hosts if you search with Google or whatever your preferred search engine.

ah, ok. i suppose i can make my drum tracks and bring them over to audacity to add to the guitars, etc. thanks!