troubleshooting opening iTunes songs

Upgraded to Windows 10. And about 1/2 hour ago, downloaded the new version of Audacity 2.1.1 which was recommended. I believe it’s .exe. My issue is that I purchased 3 songs from iTunes that I need to transfer to Audacity, obviously for editing. When I choose to open the songs in Audacity, Audacity isn’t an option. Only iTunes and Windows Media Player. When I choose the option for more options, the message is that Audacity can’t be found. It is still on my computer and listed in the programs. How do I get Audacity to be a choice so I can open a song from iTunes in Audacity? Thank you in advance for your help!!

How much were the songs? If they were 99c usd, they may have copy protection. If they were $1.29 usd, then you should be able to drag them out of iTunes onto the desktop and open them with any application.


So I add them to desktop and then drag them to the program icon on my screen?

Assuming the songs are not DRM protected, you should be able to drag them from iTunes into Audacity (if it’s open). If Audacity is closed, drag the song to the Audacity application icon or shortcut icon.

If you drag the song to Audacity’s taskbar icon, this pins the song to the Audacity taskbar “jumplist” which you see by right-clicking over Audacity’s taskbar icon. You can then import the song into Audacity by clicking on it in the jumplist.

Note that you need FFmpeg to import AAC files into Audacity.

I think the problem you are describing is right-click over the song, then add Audacity as an app to open the song. You won’t be able to add Audacity if it is (or was) installed in two different locations. This is due to Windows restrictions.

To solve it, download this registry file Rename it to “AudacityAssociationCleaner.reg”, right-click it and run it as administrator.