Troubleshoot - software record only left channel and splitting it to two channels

Recently after recording multiple record albums with a Behringer UC222 device that connect my turntable via USB to my Acer computer, all the recorded files had only the left channel of audio split into two channels, both left channels. My Behringer device has a headphones output and I’ve noticed that it’s coming out in stereo, but that’s not happening when I’m using Audacity software on computer. I can’t figure out why this is happening or how to fix it. Everything online lead me back to square one. So something between Windows 10 and Audacity there’s a bug that is prevent me from recording full stereo.
My last solution is to see if this happens with Apple computer too. I’m gonna test if my analog interface device and the Audacity software works better there since I don’t upgrade my Mac since weird things happens if I do.

Thanks! That works perfectly.
Now I wonder who was the genius at Microsoft that thought this Mic setting was a good idea.
Again, thanks.

Regular microphones are mono. There are (rare) stereo microphones but stereo is normally recorded with two mics. Most soundcards/laptops have mono analog mic inputs and by default Microsoft can only record from one device at a time and if it’s a mic it’s usually mono.

If you have a desktop/tower computer with a regular soundcard, the line input is stereo.

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