troubles recording

Hi im having trouble recording a mix using audacity. the program doesnt seem to pick up the INPUT from the mixer. The only option its giving me as far as input is concerned is the ‘built in microphone’ has anybody had this problem?

What “mixer” are you trying to record from? If it is a physical (hardware( mixer, how is it attached to your computer?

its a pioneer djm 600 Ive got red/white cable connected to the back of mixer and the aux connected to the headphones jack on my macbook

Headphones are an output for sound coming out of the computer. Normally you would connect to the stereo Line-in of the Mac then choose the Line-in as recording device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar.

Do you only have a headset port on the computer? If so, it’s unsuitable because it will amplify the signals from the mixer too much (and it probably needs a TRS to TRRS adaptor too). In that case you need a USB interface to connect the mixer output to such as Missing features - Audacity Support.


Also if you have an older MacBook where there is only one audio port that can be either input or output but not both at once, you have to switch it to being an input in Sound in System Preferences. See


yes i only have one port on my macbook. so the reason audacity isnt reading the mixer is because its plugged into an output rather than input. I’ll get one of those interface soundcard things and go from there thanks

plugged into an output rather than input.

That’s the simple version. A headset connection has a stereo output for headphones, but a microphone input for the microphone portion of a headset. It’s set up for Skype and Chat calls. Neither connection is appropriate for a mixer.

I use a Behringer UCA202 with my mixer.

That also happens to be a certified device for overdubbing/sound-on-sound.