trouble with time/length showing up on media player

I have Audacity 2.1.2 and recorded side 1 of an album and exported it to windows media player everything exported great. When I did side 2 of the same album and exported it, no length or total running time showed up making it impossible to burn. I played that entire side thru as windows suggested to see if media player would recognize the length…No luck. I tried exporting side 2 as individual cuts, still no length. Is this happening because of Audacity or is it a Windows media player problem?? Thanks, Greg

I would probably export from Audacity as WAV (Microsoft) instead of directly into Windows Media. Compressed or proprietary sound formats can create problems since Audacity relies on external software for the conversions.

In addition, Audacity internal, WAV (Microsoft) and Audio CD have the same uncompressed, high quality sound format. Windows Media is a compressed format with some sound distortion.


The problem occurs with WAV too in Windows Media Player 11. To solve it, drag the file into the Media Player Library or into a playlist, then from there into a burn list.

Don’t export AIFF - Windows Media Player does not burn from AIFF.


Thanks everybody, I’ll give it a shot and see what happens, Greg