Trouble with Roland Duo_Capture EX

I am using OS 10.6.8 and have had no major problems with Audacity until I tried to record from a Roland Duo-Capture EX via USB interface. Audacity recognizes the new device in the pulldown menu for recording but I cannot get any audio from the device (microphone) to record. (The levels look fine in System/Sound/Input).

The Roland driver is installed and I can record fine with Garage Band. (I also have the same issue with WavePad). There’s just no audio level coming through on Audacity. Any idea?

Switch the unit to 44100, Stereo on the back. Then go into Audacity > Preferences > Devices, Stereo and Audacity > Preferences > Quality, 44100.

See if that helps.

If you make enough changes like that, you may need to restart both the device and Audacity. And remember to plug in the device before you start Audacity, but you probably already know that.


Switching to 44.1 on the Duo-Capture EX and in Audacity made no difference.