trouble with recording


I have audacity version 2.3.2 and I am running windows 10. I record our church service with a laptop . I am connected to the sound board by using Behringer UCA222 interface. All my recordings sound like they are in a tunnel . How do i fix this? Please help.

Ensure that Windows Sound Enhancements are all turned off. See:

There’s a trick here. The 222 has a place to put headphones. Make sure the 222 has clean sound by switching it to “Monitor.” It’s good to have full-on over-ear, wired headphones for troubleshooting. Wouldn’t it be a kick in the head to find out your board feed is damaged?

Then listen to the computer headphone connection. If it’s available, it will be late (not match the live performance in time), but should be clean and represent what Audacity is trying to record. It’s particularly important to have over-ear headphones for this.