Trouble With Recording Volume

Hi. Just switched to a new laptop and I’ve noticed my laptop headphone volume is now affecting how loud the sound in Audacity is recorded.
When it’s at my preferred percentage playback volume (12%), it records any playback really quietly but when I turn the headphone volume up to an unbearable percentage like 75% it records the playback just fine.
I am using Windows WASAPI like I was with my old laptop but I have never had this before.
The slider for the recording volume in Audacity appears to be at 100% but nothing happens when I hover my mouse over it like with playback volume, which comes up with a box saying “playback volume 0.12” and I can’t adjust the slider either like with the playback volume.
Does anyone know how I can get Audacity to record the audio at a decent volume, independent of my headphone volume?
Thanks, Ben

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