Trouble with Quick Play

Hello! I am on Windows 10, version 2.1.3 and obtained the .exe installer. I have a feeling, especially since I’m brand new at this, that somehow, I enabled Quick play for my playbacks. There is probably an easy way to disable it, but I have not found it. I am really looking forward to trying out a voice over career, but this one little thing is driving me nuts! My playbacks sound like a baritone chipmunk! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I HAVE tried going to “effects” and changing the speed, but apparently isn’t what I need.

There is a [u]playback speed control[/u] (AKA Transcription Toolbar). Is that it? (That’s a separate play button, and the normal play-button should play at normal speed.)

That only affects playback speed, so if you play your recording (after exporting) in Windows Media Player, etc., it should play back normally.