Trouble with Plug-Ins (effect button)

Thanks for helping me. I have downloaded Audacity 2.1.2 twice times, but each time none of the disciplines listed on the effect button will open. I understand how to activate them (enable) but still does not open. I think I downloaded “plug-ins” on a separate download from your list of supportive additions, but did not open any of the effects. Most interested in EQ and fades. There are so many options for downloading and computer talk that is not known to me, so I am probably doing something wrong. Where do I go, and what do I do, to get the EQ attachment or plug-in? Using Windows 7 -64. Thanks.

Only download Audacity from us Use the installer (EXE) and enable the box “Reset Preferences” half way through the installation process. When you launch Audacity, confirm you want to reset Preferences.

If you want to use built-in effects like Equalization, press the yellow Stop button first. The same goes for the .NY (Nyquist) plugins that come with Audacity in its Plug-Ins folder.

If you added LADSPA or VST plugins, you can open those while audio is playing.