Trouble with Lame/FFmpeg library locating

Hello! I am trying to import an audio file that I recorded using the voice recorder on my pc (Windows 10) into Audacity to edit a podcast. I’m using Audacity 2.3.1. Since the file is .m4a, I wasn’t able to import that and through googling found that I needed to install Lame as well. I followed the steps of downloading, and then locating it under Preferences but this is the screen that I get (attached print screen). Any idea of what my next step should be? Or if there’s another solution to getting my file imported? I’m not the greatest with this kind of stuff but felt confident getting to this point. Now I’m just totally stuck. Thank you!

The instructions are for FFmpeg are [u]here[/u]. After you run ffmpeg-win-2.2.2.exe, FFmpeg should be installed to the correct location and Audacity should find it automatically.

LAME is only for making (exporting to) MP3s. You don’t need it for any other formats and you don’t need it to open an MP3.

Thank you. Turns out I’m a noob. I reinstalled everything and we’re good now. :smiley: