trouble with exporting

Hi I’m using Audacity for the first time on my mac and somehow I can’t export the audio files. After selecting for example .WMA, the next message is that Audacity can’t export the file. Other file types don’t work either. Anyone an idea what I’m doing wrong?

Does the message say why it can’t export? What is the full error message?
To export in proprietary formats such as WMA you need to install FFMpeg - have you done that?

By the way, WMA (Windows Media Audio) is an odd choice of format for a Mac user. For best quality use AIFF or WAV. If you really want a smaller (compressed) lower quality file, MP3 is the most widely supported format (requires LAME to be installed) or you could try Ogg (a free open source compressed audio format), or you could export as WAV and then use iTunes to convert to its native Mac format.

The error message is “Can’t transport audio file to …”

.AIFF doesn’t work either. I installed LAME but Audacity keeps sending me this message whenever I try to export a file.

I found it! Had to select an other directory…

I’m having the same issue, though it’s on the second recording I’ve done today, exporting to the same drive. It exports the first song and then kicks out the error message. The drive is 1TB with just under 300GB free.

What is the exact text of the error message? Are you on a Mac computer or Windows?

If you are using Export Multiple on Mac, make sure you are not using forward slashes (/) in the label or track name as explained in the Release Notes .

If you are going to use the files on other computers or on the internet, it is safest to use only A to Z or a to z characters, whole numbers (0 to 9) and underscores ( _ ) in file and folder names.