Trouble with audio quality

Hi all. I am using Audacity 3.2 with a Focusrite home studio, and am really battling to get a good, intimate, professionally sounding voice over. I have watched various tutorials and fiddled endlessly with the effects to no avail, it still sounds distant and amateur. Any suggestions?

It could be (and probably is) hundreds of things. One thing you could try to give you some insight is try making your recording in a car. Seriously.

distant and amateur, like accidentally recording from the computer’s built-in microphone ?.

One of our production people would routinely arrive at work with almost perfect voice tracks. I know he has three dogs and kids, so I asked how he did it. He said, “My Toyota.”

Do a scratch test. Start a recording and gently scratch each microphone. Consult your instructions if you don’t know where the computer’s microphone is.


Once you get your microphone sorted, you can get a much more “intimate” sound by recording with oblique positioning (B).

That’s also less likely to pick up P-Popping and mouth noises, but you do have to not move around very much. Wear your headphones for live monitoring.


I’m struggling as well and have foudn that noise reduction is a great way to start off by getting background noise out.

I am personally struggling with rattling metallic noises when I start getting loud or yelling if anybody knows how to tackle that

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