Trouble with Audio Position [SOLVED]

I have Windows 10. I just updated to Audacity 2.3.2 today after using 2.1 for the longest time. And ever since updating, the Audio Position as well as the Start and End of Selection toggles are being far more obnoxious now.

Whenever I have a selection of the track but want to get out of the selection to the exact audio position, I have previously just entered it numerically in both the Start and End fields (say, 00h01m37.250s in both fields). Now when I do that, ever since the update, it changes the other fields automatically to figures I don’t want. If I try to input 1:37.250 in the Start field, it’ll automatically change the End field to something, and when I go to edit the End field, it then changes the Start field. (It often changes the figures in the Audio Position field as well.) Eventually if I just keep at it long enough, it lets me do what I want… but why does it keep changing like that on me in the first place?! I didn’t ask for it to do that. I never did.

How do I get Audacity to do it the old way and not auto-edit those fields?

TL;DNR version: Basically, how do I move the cursor to exactly the beginning of a selection (while also de-selecting the selection itself)?

EDIT: I figured it out. To move the cursor to the beginning of a selection while also de-selecting the selection, just move the cursor to the very beginning of the track (i.e. press J, which will do so automatically). THEN type in the figure you want in the Start of Selection field, and it shouldn’t auto-fill in the other fields. It was a lot simpler than that before the update, but I post this here in case it helps anyone else with the same problem.

Now I have some envelope-related questions, but I’ll just create a new topic for those.

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