Trouble with audacity

Last year when I used it I did not have any trouble .But now it’s giving me problems. When I was trying to record a cassette album to audacity.Well after the first side was over I attempted to pause it , the recording button.It would not pause the the recording. No matter how i pressed it and pressed it.It kept on going.So I stopped it and uninstalled it and re installed it .I tested it and the pause button stopped the recording. But when I played the music .After the first side again the pause button would not work.I did the same technique,But this time the stop button got stuck too.I uninstalled it and re install it again and the pause button just was not working at all the pause recording . You see if I use stop , when i finished part 1 of my cassette ,part 2 won’t go on the same track it will go on a second track .to get part 2 of the cassette to record on the same track or i’ll have to burn my cassettes with two cds instead of 1.I don’t want to do this having to record part 1 first then put it on cd then record part 2 put it on second cd . that’s too much work! this is audacity 202 with 1.3.I use windows 7.I did not have trouble with this last years.Why is the button getting stuck against pausing the recdoring. It’s like it has a mind of it’s own .I’m frustrated ! :confused:

Check that Transport > Sound Activated Recording (on/off) is not checked (ticked). If it is, click it to uncheck it.

Is it a USB cassette recorder? If so, make sure it is connected to a spare USB port on the computer, not to a USB hub which allows multiple USB devices to connect to the computer.


I am trying to record audio books using this . I had it working fine but all of a sudden it will not show sound going in and I checked the settings. they did not change. I tried redownloading it but that did not do anything. I think that I must go to a folder or something like that and delete previous recordings but I don’t remember how I did it before. I would appreciate any help. Thank you: