Trouble. Trying to capure sound from my vynils with an external sound card

Good evening, I’m trying to capture sound from my vynils with a behringer ufo202 sound card, but when I put my card as line in, it appears ‘‘error, invalid device’’. I’ve tried all the line in and out possibilities but it doesn’t work. What Can I do? I know is possible to capture the sound but i don’t know how.

but when I put my card as line in

Did you select the USB device as your [u]Recording Device[/u]? I don’t know if it will say “line” or "Behringer, but it should say “USB… something”.

The Line-Phono switch on the Behringer won’t cause that problem, but it should only be switched to “line” only if you have a phono preamp elsewhere in your setup and you want to bypass the preamp inside the interface.

I put the sound card usb as recording device but it appears the message saying invalid device.