trouble setting up 2.0.2 to record iphone voicemail

Hello - I just downloaded version 2.0.2. of Audacity. I am trying to record a voicemail from my iPhone 3GS. I am using Windows 7. I connected my iPhone to my desktop PC using a 3.5mm audio extension cable. I have tried several combinations of settings in the devices preferences and nothing works - all I get is a flat blue line. Any help would be very much appreciated - thank you.

my desktop PC

Not Windows Laptop?

Can you plug your earbuds or headphones into that iPhone connection and hear the messages?

You should be plugged into the blue connection of your sound card. It should say Stereo Line-In or have a fan with an arrow pointing in. Some soundcards are not blue, but most are.

If you have it that far, then you need to select it in Windows or Audacity (or both) and here’s where you lose me.