Trouble Recording with Notebook


I am a newbie but I have to say this player/Recorder is awesome. I used it to make small sound bytes.

My problem is now I have a new Notebook, Dell, Windows XP. When I try to record a clip I am getting nothing… no sound at all. I checked and I am set at Line In. Then I went to my preferences and it says MME Microsoft mapper output/playback and same for recording/ input.

I have Sigma tel sound card.

Can someone tell me what I am doing Wrong or help me to adjust my settings. When ever I hit record I just get no sound at all.


Vtach :sunglasses:

Well, what are you trying to record?

If you’re set to use the Line In, then you should have something plugged into the Line In. If you don’t, then I’d expect silence.

I’m guessing you’re trying to record the speaker output. In that case, you need to select the ‘Stereo Mix’ or ‘What U Hear’ or ‘Wav Out’ (or similar) input source. Do this in Audacity’s edit → preferences → audio i/o menu.

If you can’t, then read this:
Pay particular attention to the grey box at the top, and then skip the next two paragraphs to go straight to the section relating to Windows XP.

This is a fairly common issue and it’s up to the sound card drivers to give you that access. If the drivers don’t do that, then there’s nothing Audacity can do about it.

Tried all the steps suggested but still facinbg problem in capturing streaming audio. Please adcise.

If your drivers won’t give you the option, then either update the drivers, buy new hardware, or run a cable from the Line Out → Line In and use Line In to record from. Those are your only three options at this point. If updating the drivers doesn’t work, then the cable is a cheap solution, but not ideal. It can be difficult to find a cable that allows you to plug in both the Line In and your speakers at the same time.