Trouble recording instruments using audio interface.

I use a Berhinger U-PHORIA UM2. Using it’s mic input, audcity records it wonderfully. But once I plug my guitar into it, I can hear it through the direct monitor but it won’t record on audcity.
Any help?

Also I do have it set to Stereo.

Is the guitar the same volume as your voice at Direct Monitor?

Do you have Audacity set for stereo on the recording toolbar?
Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 17.56.38.png
And you do get two blue waveforms, right? Microphone is on top?

This is what happens when I record with my UM2. I don’t have a guitar, but I touched the guitar cable with my thumb.

Do you see anything different between the two setups?

This thing goes through Windows Control Panels. Do you have both signals there? I show both in the Mac Preferences.

Is the UM2 new?

The UM2 gets its Direct Monitor at the analog stage before the digitizers, so it qualifies as Zero Latency Monitoring. It’s possible the UM2 is broken and the instrument isn’t being digitized.

Did you get it used? I think the UM2 is terrific, but it’s not popular.


First off, yes I do have Audicity set to Setero. I said that in my orginial post.

I was unable to find the signal through the control panel. And yes this is a new interface.

As for if I get two blue waveforms, I do, but like I said, no response from the instrument input.

I don’t know much about it, but what you said Zero Latency Monitoring may seem likely.

I was unable to find the signal through the control panel.

If the Windows control panel doesn’t show you evidence of both microphone and guitar, then the UM2 may be broken. Audacity gets its music from Windows not the UM2. So if Windows doesn’t have it, that’s the end.

Get Windows running and then open Audacity.

My UM2 runs without drivers or support software. Did you install Behringer drivers? That’s one place a sound channel may be getting lost. And there’s a second possibility. Drivers for Windows 10 have to say so. Drivers have to be written for Windows 10. Older software may not work.

I would try running without drivers. The UM2 is dead simple and works with most generic, out of the box sound connections.

There is another possibility. Do you use Skype and leave it running in the background? Games? Skype likes to take over your computer sound services and it doesn’t ask. Stop background tasks and Clean Start the machine. Shift-Shutdown, wait, and then Start.