trouble recording in stereo

Hi, My first attempt at recording by myself. I’m attempting to record electric guitar tracks in Audacity using the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 as an interface. My laptop is Windows7 and recognizes the interface which is set to stereo. I also have the recording channels set to stereo. When I record, it only records on one side. If I use left USB port, it only records to the left and vice versa. I was going to double the rhythm track and pan them, but was told with the one USB cable it should record in stereo. What am I doing wrong? It’s probably something stupid I missed, but didn’t see this in the faq. I appreciate any help.

I was going to double the rhythm track and pan them

I’m with you. Some soundcards will mount either stereo or mono. Others mount in mono, but then mess with the performance volume when they do it. The 2i2 is a perfectly lovely stereo soundcard, and it’s probably good to use it that way.

It it really bothers you, I believe the Focusrite Solo will mount in mono because it was designed that way. I need to get a supplier to tell me that in straight English.

I have a Behringer UM2 with one single XLR connection and it mounts and performs in mono just fine.
Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 6.00.22 PM.png

If you are just recording your guitar… Guitars are mono* (unless you’ve got some kind of stereo pedal).

Your interface has two inputs. Are you using both inputs? If you’re configured for stereo one channel (probably channel 1) will go the left and the other channel will go to the right. If you don’t have anything plugged-into the right channel, you’re going to get silence on the right.

If you record in mono (and if everything works correctly) you’ll get a true-mono (1-channel) file and it will play back through both speakers.

But, if you record in mono using only one input, you’ll be limited to “half volume” because the other half of the amplitude is reserved for the unused-silent channel. You can boost the levels in Audacity after recording.


  • If you are recording with a pair of microphones, or with a stereo microphone, you can record electric or acoustic guitar in stereo.

Or you can record your microphone in stereo normally like you’ve been doing, convert to mono and delete the dead track.

I did some tests with the UM2. If I tell Audacity to record in Stereo, I get the instrument on the right and my microphone on the left. If I record in Mono, I get my voice at normal volume in mono, full stop. No instrument.

On a stereo interface, as above, you’re likely to get half volume if you try to record mono with one microphone.

Did you keep the receipts for the 2i2?


Lost it there. If you get a “Y” splitter, you can record two copies of your guitar. That does work.


That’s great information guys. Thanks a lot for your help.