Trouble recording in stereo

Hi, I am running on Windows XP (2002 version) the Audacity 2.0.3 version.

I am recording my vinyl albums from an Accoustic Solutions SP132 turntable with USB attachment.

Sometimes after start up and hitting the record logo, (red button), there is a problem with the wave pattern. I have a strong wave on the Left Speaker, (top Audio Track), but a much reduced, sometimes not even registering, on the Right Speaker, (bottom track).

This effects the play back after saving the track to hard drive.I am using play through and there is very little sound coming from the right speaker. I have tried adjusting settings but feel that there must be something I’ve not corrected. It is an intermitent fault as sometimes there is full stereo recording, both audio tracks showing a good recording level and strong wave pattern. Anyone else experienced this problem ?

I would be grateful for any help or advice to correct it. Thank you, Gary.

If this is an intermittent problem, that is, sometimes it works OK but sometimes the right channel is at a lower level with all the same settings, then I would suspect that the problem could be a loose connection in the turntable.

Does the turntable have analogue outputs? (Left and right phono connectors)
If it does, then can you connect those to an amplifier and check if the problem occurs there also. If the problem is there, then it is likely to be the connection between the cartridge and the tone arm.

Hi Steve, Thanks for such a fast response. I will try a replacement for the deck. I’m just glad that it’s a problem with that rather than the computer. Many thanks, Gary