Trouble picking up second mic audio

Recently I have been recording a podcast with two standard Samson Q2U microphones through a Behringer Xenyx Q802USB soundboard. The first two episodes we recorded sounded great with no problems. However, the third time we started to record, only one microphone would pick up audio at a time. We never changed any of the settings in Audacity and we didn’t touch and of the dials on the soundboard? Does anyone know a solution? I can provide more information if necessary. Thank you!

I know you have the analog microphone connection to the mixer OK, but do you also use the Microphone USB connection to the computer? Is it required to power the microphone electronics?

There’s a super good chance you’re recording directly from one of the microphones and not the mixer. Audacity will not (easily) record from more than one USB device.


What exactly do you mean by “one microphone at a time”? When would one work, and when would the other work?

If you have USB connections from each microphone, then Audacity has about a 30% chance of getting the mixer. That’s the only connection which would give you both microphone’s sound. Roll through the microphone connections in the Audacity recording toolbar. See if you have three different USB “things.”

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 13.43.45.png
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Hello all,

To elaborate on my previous message, only one microphone would pick up audio at a time. With my headphones plugged into my soundboard, I could hear both microphones perfectly fine, but for whatever reason, only one microphone would pick up audio in Audacity at a time. I played with the settings a bit, changing the recording device from Samson 1-Q2U to Samson 2-Q2U and it would still only pick up one microphone in recording while the other sounded like it was far away. I tried all possible options in the microphone and speaker toolbar but the problem would either stay the same or the audio would get worse in quality. For clarification, my two microphones are plugged into my soundboard, along with a USB plug-in so that they are powered. Unplugging the USB would mean losing the power. I use a lenovo Yoga 730-13ikb with two Samson Q2U microphones and a Behringer Xenyx Q802USB Premium 8-Input 2-Bus Mixer with USB/Audio Interface. If more information is needed id be happy to reply asap. I’m trying to get this resolved as soon as possible.

my two microphones are plugged into my soundboard, along with a USB plug-in so that they are powered.

Right. That means you have three USB things plugged into your computer. If Audacity is pointed at one of the microphones, only that microphone will have sound. If Audacity is pointed to the mixer, both microphones will have sound.

The microphone USB connection supplies power to it and also carries a copy of that microphone’s sound.

Each microphone has two sound outputs, one analog and one USB.


Audacity will only record from one USB thing at a time.


Unplugging the USB would mean losing the power.

Have you tried the microphones unpowered? If you are not using the USB or headphone outputs I’m betting they will work fine as regular-old analog-dynamic microphones.

Normal dynamic mics don’t need power and the user manual says:

Using the Q2U with a mixer

Using the XLR Output you can connect the Q2U to a standard PA mixer for live sound applications
or when recording through an audio interface.
Connect the included XLR cable to your mixer.
Set the ON/OFF switch to the “ON” position.
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting the microphone level of the mixer or audio interface.