Trouble opening manual [SOLVED]

I have Notepad++ installed on my computer as a text editor. When I am in Audacity I want to open the Audacity manual. So I click on Help > Manual (web browser). The Audacity manual then opens in Notepad++ in an .html format that displays the manual in script language and code.

Do any of you have any input on how to prevent this from happening and just have the manual open up as a plain 'ol manual?

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Somehow, HTML files are associated with Notepad++ on your computer.

You can correct that by right-clicking on an HTML file, select Open With, and then Choose Default Program. Select Internet Explorer (or the browser you normally use), and then from then on, HTML files should open in your browser by default. (I’m on Win7, and the procedure may be slightly different if you have a different operating system.)

Thank you for your reply. Likewise I am on Win7 Professional. I have followed your instructions successfully.

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Thanks for letting us know. I’ll mark this as “solved”.