Trouble opening a file

Hi there,

I received an Audacity file from a friend on a PC and tried to open it on my Mac (10.8), I then learned I needed the data folder. I received the data folder through a mediafire zip, with the correct title (the name of the file followed by ‘_data’). For some reason when I try to open the file on Audacity it displays the messages ‘Error Opening Project Couldnt find the Project data folder "_Example Project__data’, followed by ‘Error Opening Project Could not load the file "/Users…’
Please help!

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Not only do you need the _data folder, but if your friend was importing WAV files without copying them into the project, you need to ask him/her to give you a new AUP file and _data folder with the files copied in using File > Check Dependencies… . Please see .

For now, try putting the _data folder in the same folder that the AUP file is in, so they can see each other.

If you are still stuck, please attach the AUP file. Please see here for how to attach files: .