Trouble making instrumental track...

I think this is thse right location. I am, a noob, trying to make a accompanied track for a song and I got the vocals, somewhat, removed. The problem I am having is when I play it, it has vocals still, the vocals that are there sound like a ghost. They are very low and mixed with white noise. Any help would be appreciated.

Congratulations on getting that far. It sounds like you have done everything correctly and removed the “centre panned” vocals. The “ghost” voice that you are left with is probably “reverb” (echo’s and reverberation of the voice - either from the room acoustics of where it was recorded, or added on as an effect by the producer) which is stereo, and so cannot be “cancelled out”. The result that you have is probably as good as you can get with that particular recording.

You are normal.

Vocal Removal, or Audacity Center Pan Removal, rarely does what everybody wants. The goal is to download a highly compressed music file from the internet, take out the vocals and put your own voice in. Good luck with that. Internet compression messes with some of the stereo signals that the vocal tools use to do their job. Some of the music is in mono and that kills vocal removal instantly.

Even if you do everything exactly right with a perfect music track and the wind is blowing the right way, all the instruments in the middle – bass and drums – will vanish, too, and the process will leave all the stereo echo and reverb effects behind.

You haven’t complained about getting a mono sound track out of the deal. That’s another odd problem. It may give you two music tracks at the end, but both tracks are identical making it mono.