Trouble installing

Sorry if I’m writing this in the wrong section but I could not find a “New Topic” box on the questions page. I purchased an ‘AWA Cassette Converter: Tape to USB’ and am having trouble with the installation.
I am using Vista Home Premium, the unit is Audacity 2.0.0, but I downloaded 2.0.3 (after reading some of the forum).
In the Audacity preference settings,the Installation manual says - 2: Click the down arrow on ‘Device’ below ‘Recording’ and choose ‘USB audio Controller’ or ‘USB Audio Codec’. With the ‘Host’ set to MME, my options are ‘Realtek Ac 97 audio", Microphone Realtek Ac 97 audio’, or ‘Microsoft Sound Mapper Input’. With the host set to Windows Direct Sound, the options are Primary Sound Capture Driver, Line in(Realtek Ac97 audio) or Microphone (Realtek Ac97 Audio). Neither mentions ‘USB audio controller’ nor ‘USB codec’.
There is a note following this list of instructions saying: If you couldn’t find the “microphone (USB Audio controller or USB Audio Codec)” from the Device list, close the Audacity software and re-open and try again.
I have given up trying (even downloading the update to 2.0.3 made no difference) hence this plea for help.
Will any of the other settings work?
My sole reason for purchasing this converter is to copy some cassette tapes to CD’s.
Hope someone can clear this up for me. I just need instructions as clear as possible.

You posted in the correct section :slight_smile:

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Assuming you have restarted Audacity, you’ll need to get Windows to see the USB Audio Codec for this cassette player before you can record from it.

I suggest you follow all the steps (including trying a new USB cable) in the green box “Detecting USB and Firewire devices” here: .

Take your player back if it does not work after that. If you have a cassette deck already and a line-in on your computer you only need buy a cable to connect them. See .

If the USB cassette player is recognised by Windows after rebooting the computer, please follow our own Tutorial here: .


Thank you!~ Rebooting with the USB Cassette Converter plugged in to my computer did the trick. Now I only have to work out the rest of it!! I’ll let you know how I go or if I need more assistance.